Angus Grim
Grims Mortuary
Angus Grim opened Grim's Mortuary in 1896. At
first, Grim was a kind and generous man. As he
became more successful, however, Grim became
greedy. The regular mortuary fees he collected no
longer satisfied him, so now he started to steal
from the dead. Before Angus Grim would bury the
dead he would steal the gold out of the teeth of
the corpse. He would steal the rings from their
fingers before the dead were buried. Nothing of
value that was placed with the corpse was safe
from the greedy hands of Angus Grim.

The cemetery next to Grim's Mortuary where the
dead were laid to Rest in peace was once lovely
and peaceful. But NOT any more! The graves
have been unearthed and all the crypts have
opened. You see ... the DEAD have risen. The
DEAD have come back to seek revenge against
the greedy Angus Grim. They are back to recover
their stolen belongings... their gold teeth, their

Now, as you walk down the quiet, dark and
winding path through the cemetery on your way to
the mortuary ... BE VERY CAREFUL. Make sure
that the DEAD don't mistake YOU for Angus
Grim. Carefully walk in to the MORTUARY to pay
your respects to the dearly departed ... but,
REMEMBER ........................" THE DEAD ARE
COMING!"........ ........HA,HA,HA,HA......."THE
DEAD ARE COMING!"..........
He isn't so handsome
anymore now is