Friends of Angus Grim
FABULOUS!!!!! The two that DID go into the Mortuary were truly
terrified and soooo very animated about the experience that they
are probably both still babbling. The two that did not go in, still
thoroughly enjoyed the graveyard, the kindness of the guide...and
hearing the screams of the other two! ALL of were terrified when the
ghoulies approached the car ( Our getaway made the whole bunch
of us feel that we had "escaped" just in the nick of time). Good
Show! Well worth every penny! All of those attending are going to
'blab' for quite some time. I am very sure next Halloween will see
them and all their friends ready for the fright of their lives!!! Thank
you for your efforts, and your talents.
Red Hook, NY
Guests Comments
John from Hudson, NY............  "Good Time!"

Mike from West Taghkanic, NY........" Omg amazing. Should be the scariest
place. Ppl Def need to come here. Amazing. Thank you everybody!!!!